The olfactory perception of the missing sealed manila envelope

is not pleasant.

- from Braswell v. State of Tennessee

by Judge John Everette Willams

Court of Criminal Appeals

Vern Braswell was convicted of second degree murder and repeatedly denied relief while an all White conglomerate of elected and public judicial officials either hid and destroyed evidence of his innocence or sat silently by and watched as it was done.

Braswell was charged with the death of his wife after he claimed he choked her during asphyxiated, consensual sex but that she was alive, although not feeling well, when it was over and eventually died that night while in their Jacuzzi tub.

The all White alliance also simultaneously granted relief and new trials to White defendants with similar cases even if they had fewer inconsistencies and less significant trial errors than Braswell.

We will post several articles which will chronicle the systemic racial inequalities and corruption in the Braswell case that occurred in several venues in the courtrooms of Tennessee.

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Links to Media coverage of Vern's case

If Tennessee would have had Black Defendants Matters policies in place which guarantee:

 - Fair and Equitable Treatment for ALL

 - Uncompromising Transparency, and

 - Uncompromising Accountabiliy 

throughout the ENTIRE criminal justice system, Braswell would not have been repeatedly violated by the Tennessee Criminal Court System.

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Mary (Vern's mom)

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