Black Defendants Matter 

When they do this in secrecy,

there's no accountability.

Where there's more transparency,

there's more accountability.

- A noose displayed on the Facebook  page of Altona Town Court Justice Kyle R. Canning.

Black Defendants Matters  policies and legislation WILL GUARANTEE:

1. Fair and equitable treatment for all

2. Uncompromising Transparency 

3. Uncompromising Accountability

...throughout the ENTIRE criminal justice system.

These three principles should extend from the initial contact and detention by law enforcement until release from detention or incarceration.

It is only when this level of transparency is achieved, will there be matched accountability which will lead to the fair and equitable treatment of all.

Justice For Vern Braswell 

We're currently chronicling the racial injustices in the criminal case of Vern Braswell.

This is a case where helpful evidence repeatedly vanished from court files because there was no transparency and no accountability.

The injustices will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Visit our page or @J4VernBraswell for more info on how to help us win Vern's freedom.

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Will You Help Us End Racism in the Criminal Justice System?

We have developed detailed policies and legislative proposals which are guaranteed to end systemic racial injustices in the criminal justice system.

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