Video Evidence that Shelby County DA's Office treats Whites "More Fair" than Blacks

In Vern's case the Shelby County DA's Office never gave Vern's attorneys or the Judge the sealed envelope of withheld evidence from his trial like they did with this White defendant.

In Vern's case the envelope of withheld evidence vanished.

Watch the video to see how they treat withheld evidence in a White defendants' cases.


Video of DAG Amy Weirich on what should be done when the prosecutor accidentally withholds evidence of innocence from the defendant. This is not what they did in Vern Braswell's case.

The withheld evidence contained in the envelope in the White case in this video led to the White defendant's case being overturned, the conviction being vacated, and it being remanded for a new trial.

Therefore, the Shelby County DA's Office is “more fair” for Whites than Blacks