Clemency Support

Please show your support for Vern being granted a Clemency release:

1) because of the injustices in his case

2) so he can continue working on his

prison reform proposals and prison reform research

3) because of his mother's rapidly failing health

4) because of his cancer diagnosis 

By SENDING AN EMAIL to the Governor of Tennessee in support of a clemency request to commute Vern's remaining 4 1/2 year to home confinement.

SEND EMAIL or you may copy and paste the following and you MUST include your info at the closing of the email. God bless you.

To: (this is his chief of staff) 



Subject:   I Support Clemency For Vern Braswell

Sample Letter:  

Honorable Governor Bill Lee and the Executive Clemency Unit,

I am contacting you to voice my support for Vern Braswell receiving clemency as a result of his cancer diagnosis and because of the injustices in his case.

I believe the fact that Mr. Braswell has earned a doctorate degree while in prison should warrant him receiving special consideration.

Because of that accomplishment, I also support Vern Braswell having the remaining 4 1/2 years of his sentence commuted so Mr. Braswell can go home to continue working on the research for his prison reform proposals which would benefit the State of Tennessee, and so that Vern can do whatever he can to help care for his elderly mother who's also in poor health.