Trump Threatens & Intimidates the Prosecutors who Prosecuted Stone for Threatening & lntimidating Witnesses

February 19, 2020

by A Few Minutes For Millennials staff writer


So let me make sure I understand this. Trump is running around colluding or shall I say “meeting” with the Russians. He says, “thirty thousand emails” and guess what? The Russians produce thirty thousand emails. One of his main shysters is Roger Stone, a beady-eyed 67 year old relic with a Richard Milhous Nixon tramp stamp on his back. So the campaign version of the Keystone Kops gets caught colluding. Tramp Stamp Stone begin to threaten and intimidate witnesses. He gets caught threatening and intimidating witnesses. Ol’ Tramp Stamp has a trial, is found guilty, is about to be sentenced for attempting to usurp the justice system, and... wait for it... Trump decides to threaten and intimidate the prosecutors who are recommending Tramp Stamp’s sentence for threatening and intimidating witnesses. (We’re going to let that soak in for a moment)

Surprisingly, it is Sheepish Bill Barr who comes out and says (between the lines of course) that Trump should not be threatening and intimidating the prosecutors who prosecuted Tramp Stamp Stone for threatening and intimidating witnesses. Not a single Republican says that. the President is wrong. So much for Trump learning his lesson HUH?

Here’s the question I have... A 67 year old beady-eyed relic who calls himself a dirty trickster from the Nixon administration with a Richard Milhous Nixon tramp stamp on his back shows up to “help” the Presidential campaign and nobody in the room has enough of an I.Q. to say, “Thanks, but no thanks”? Nobody could see that a pre-dawn “courtesy visit” from the FBI would be somewhere in the near future?

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