Republicans Block Bills To Strengthen Election Security

February 29, 2020

by A Few Minutes For Millennials staff writer

There’s a home invasion at your house. Inexplicably somehow you develop the idea that you benefited and prospered from the invasion because the family member you like the least got harmed the most during the assault. So now it’s your position that it is okay to allow future home invasions? That is pure lunacy, unless...

This sounds like the beginning of an episode of Law & Order, right? Well this is exactly what we have in Congress right now with the Republicans blocking legislation for increased election security. Recently the Republicans blocked three different bills designed to shore up election security. The Democrats are like, “Hey, according to our intelligence, the Russians are still at it, let’s allocate funds for tougher and better election security.” The Republican response has been, “Naw, that’s not necessary, we actually kinda like the way things are right now.”

Why would someone be willing to allow subsequent home invasions when there was harm done to a family member during the initial attack? Could it be because they knew or had prior knowledge of the outcome of the first home invasion before it happened? Does this sound like the makings of an insurance scam? Perhaps, since the first one went so well (in their minds) and they profited so handsomely and seemingly without any real repercussions or loss of power, then hell, why NOT do it again and again and again. Apparently that's where we are with the Jim Crow Jury Republicans - no matter the harm done to the family... as long as they profit and prosper, they could care less about what happens to other family members or how the entire family is treated or suffers.

What have we come to when the attitude of our brethren is: the hell with the whole or to hell with the concept of e pluribus unum? Are we no longer a family? Are we no longer our brothers’ keepers? Are we now Putin's keepers? This is sad, and it also describes the state of affairs in our beloved country – sad! America will not be conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within; and unless we hit the polls in November, it seems like we are well on our way to self-destruction.
I’m just saying...

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