Q: When Does Trump's Lying Become Fatal?

A: When Coronavirus Arrives.

March 3, 2020

By A Few Minutes For Millennials staff writer

Stormy Daniels. Hoax! * Muslim ban. Hoax! * 23 woman accuse him of sexual assault. Hoax! * Friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Hoax! * Climate Change. Hoax! * Emolument Clause violations. Hoax! * Mueller report. Hoax! * Impeachment. Hoax! * Coronavirus. Hoax!

(Twitter post by @AdjuntDespot Feb. 28, 2020)

At what point do facts matter? At what point does a denial of reality become fatal? Sadly, I think we've arrived at that point.

A liar like Trump will not only lie to you to make you feel good or to make you like him, a liar like Trump will also lie to you when it is to your detriment. There's a reason why one of the Commandments says Thou shalt not bear false witness. There's a reason why we are told at a young age to tell the truth. There's a reason why a doctor or lawyer or teacher or spouse or parent or friend needs the most accurate information possible to properly assess a situation, yet numerous times a day the President strives to rob us of the ability to personally assess the state of our country and the state of his presidency.

What's Trump's message? No matter the facts, let me do your thinking for you. Don't worry about the facts, let me provide you with your reality. Facts smacts. I'll paint the world as I want you to see it. That same book with the Ten Commandments also says, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge" and "They traded the truth for a lie". Every human problem can be boiled down to taking actions based on inaccurate information (aka a lie). For those reasons, America will continuously have drastic problems under Trump.

Hey Trump followers, since he claims coronavirus is a hoax, have him prove it by organizing a rally, bringing those infected with the virus onstage with him during the entire rally, personally hugging and conversing each of the infected, then let the infected do the same with the entire crowd. To motivate Trump to go along with this, tell him that doing this would all but guarantee him a second term in the White House. Damn, now I'm lying like Trump. I guess I have #TrumporonaVirus(LyingBug)

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