Black Monday 2.0: Parable of the Trees

March 16, 2020

By A Few Minutes For Millennials staff writer

The DOW has it's worse plunge in the last 30+ years as it dropped almost 3,000 points and lost almost 13% of its value.

Hey Trump, you may want to Google “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”. It's a message to you and the Republicans. 

A few weeks ago the Europeans at the Munich Security Conference introduced the term “Westlessness”, a turning away from the West for guidance, admiration, or leadership. At that time it seemed rhetorical, in retrospect it was prophetic.

Our prior op-eds mostly focused on illustrating what a misogynistic narcissistic buffoon Trump is. This article has one aim! As in the 1986 movie The Fly, ”Be afraid, be very afraid”. Much of Trumps behavior prior to this seemed interestingly defunct and good for scoffing. That's no longer the case. I would submit to you that ww are at full-scale Parable of the Trees, a Biblical reference where the people desired and were given a corrupt King and then paid dearly for it. Those of you who wanted Trump as president probably now understand that this is what you get when you have a self-serving pathological liar as your leader.

Trump is so driven by an incendiary hatred for Obama that he refuses to do what's best for the country if it happens to be the same thing Obama would have done. Point in case, in a crisis like this Obama would have brought in the top experts, asked them what to do, and then we as a united country, would have done it! Trump instead claimed that he had a mysterious special knowledge of what to do about this situation the same way your five-year-old child would claim. For that reason the U. S. is paying the price for poor leadership. This includes the collapsing of our financial systems.

Today, an almost 3K point drop in the Dow which followed two separate 2K point drops days.

I pray the American people will know what to do in November, if we make it to November.

I can see Trump trying to cancel the elections under the guise of National Security and Public Safety. By the way,... he rates himself a 10 out of 10 on handling this crisis.

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